About Us

Beltz Liquid Waste Management & Portable Toilets, Inc.was started in 1954 with a set of goals that remain our priority today:

  • To serve the customer with 100% honesty and integrity
    We work hard to earn our customers’ trust by telling them the truth and helping them to solve problems when we find them.
  • To be what our customers feel is a valuable resource
    We are available for questions and concerns anytime and welcome phone calls.  We like to help our customers learn and understand, and we feel that each person, each system is an opportunity for us to learn as well.
  • To stand behind our work
    Our job is not over when we leave your house or business; we continue to be available always whether you have a question or a problem, no matter how far into the future that is.  We offer a 2 year warranty on all drainfield work and want our customers to call us if there is a problem, regardless of when it is.
  • To provide the highest quality work possible at a reasonable price
    “An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”.  Why can’t everyone live by this one?  One unique quality about our business is our contractor, Steve.  He is on every job, whether it’s a pumpout, a drainfield repair or a new installation, and he takes pride in making sure every job is done right.
14260 W Newberry Rd Box 344 Newberry, FL 32669. Call Now: 352-372-7448