What can I plant near my septic system?

Spring is here and so begins the season of growth. I routinely get asked “what can I plant near my septic system?” and so now seems like an appropriate time to address that question. The long and short of plants and a septic system is that you want to make choices that will encourage nutrient ...

Running Toilet – Be Mindful of your Septic System

What is a running toilet? Should I enter my toilet in a foot race or something? What are you talking about? So these are the funny images that come to my head when I hear (or more commonly when I say) the term “running toilet”. In actuality, it’s really not that funny. A running toilet ...
Gurgling toilet

Why is my Toilet Gurgling?

If you’ve ever had septic trouble, there’s a good chance you’ve heard gurgling noises in a toilet or a drain.  Most people have no idea what that noise is all about and why it’s happening.  Many people call a plumber thinking there’s a clog in the line (a normal response).  While there may be a ...
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