April 7, 2017

Running Toilet – Be Mindful of your Septic System


RunningToiletWhat is a running toilet? Should I enter my toilet in a foot race or something? What are you talking about? So these are the funny images that come to my head when I hear (or more commonly when I say) the term “running toilet”. In actuality, it’s really not that funny.

A running toilet or two can cause total failure of your septic system. You see, septic systems are really pretty simple. If 10 gallons comes into the septic tank, 10 gallons needs to go out to the drainfield. The drainfield has to be able to handle the amount coming in. The average house has a septic system that is designed to handle 300 gallons per day. The average American uses 75 gallons of water per day (Yes! You read that right! We are a very water using nation!). So let’s do the math…a family of 4, if average, uses 75×4=300 gallons per day. Notice something? Yes. A family of 4 can max out the average septic system. Then you throw a running toilet or two into the mix and the system can become totally overwhelmed. It’s what we call hydraulic overload (or too much water). So, it is very important that the owners of a septic system be mindful of their water usage and the potential for running toilets so as to not overload the septic system.

If you have any concerns about whether you have a running toilet or if you know you do but don’t know how to fix it, just give us a call. We are here to help. And really, let’s face it, we should all be mindful of water usage. Water is a precious resource that is not replenishable. Look for more on water in upcoming blogs.

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